Scoop Wedge Combo Valkyrie Edition


  • Amplify your bedroom adventures with effortless transitions and exceptional support.
  • Explore new angles, enhance stamina, and break boundaries with the rocking motion of the Scoop and the stability of the Wedge.
  • Harness your wild side with detachable Velcro® tabs and easy clip-on wrist and ankle cuffs.
  • Crank up the pleasure with high-quality, furniture-grade foam and soft, washable microfiber covers.
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Be a Rockstar in the Bedroom

Get ready to rock your world with the mind-blowing Scoop Wedge Combo! This electrifying set of intimate positioning cushions is here to amp up your bedroom adventures like never before. Constructed with care, these cushions boast a dense foam core, solid as a power chord, and wrapped in the softest microfiber, smoother than a killer guitar riff.

Unleash your wild imagination with the Scoop Wedge Combo’s epic design. Luxurious, soft microfiber covers with loop sides offer a sensual playscape. The covers are removable and machine washable, ensuring effortless cleaning and maintenance, allowing you to keep your chair fresh and hygienic for every intimate encounter. Beneath the cover, inner moisture liners protect the foam, keeping it free from mold, mildew, and stains. Rock on, worry-free!

But wait, there’s more! The loop sides come decked out in badass Velcro tabs! These tabs are no ordinary tabs–they attach and detach like a true rockstar, with ease and swagger. Plus, they’re equipped with clip-on connectors and D-rings, just perfect for the bondage cuff kit. Unleash your inner rebel and add a tantalizing touch of restraint to your passionate performances.

Let the Scoop cushion take you on a mind-bending rollercoaster ride with its epic rocking motion. Enjoy deep sensations as it rocks back and forth, creating a pulsating rhythm that’ll send shivers down your spine. It’s the ultimate amplifier for pleasure, cranking up the intensity and taking you and your partner higher and higher. Need stability to hold that power stance? The Wedge cushion is here to keep you grounded, offering rock-solid support and ensuring you never miss a beat. Discover a whole new world of mind-blowing angles and unleash the power of enhanced stamina. This sensational set empowers you to create your very own rock opera, breaking all boundaries and leaving no riff unexplored.

So unleash your inner rockstar with the extraordinary Scoop Wedge Combo. It’s time to crank up the volume, embrace the power chords of pleasure, and create a symphony of passion that’ll echo through the ages. Let’s rock n’ roll, baby!

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Aubergine, Grey, Ink Blue, MErlot, Natural, Black

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None, Fluffy Red +$54.00, Microfiber Black +$54.00, Latigo Leather Wrist & Ankle Cuff Kit for Black Label +$75.00


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